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Intelligent Device Management (IDM) 
EDDL > Device Management

Plants already have hundreds or thousands of digital devices of different types to manage. With the event of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 this number of digitally networked devices will increase. Intelligent device management software is an integral part of plant asset management systems used for sensor calibration/trim, configuration/setup, diagnostics/troubleshooting, and to view internal variables of pressure and differential pressure, temperature, and density transmitters; radar level, ultrasonic level, guided wave radar level (TDR), displacer level, and DP level transmitters; magnetic flow, Coriolis flow, vortex flow, and DP flowmeters; amperometric, dissolved oxygen (DO2), chlorine, pH/ORP, and conductivity analyzers; flue gas oxygen analyzers, control valve positioners, electric actuators / motor operated valves (MOV), and intelligent on/off valves etc.. 

Device CalibrationDevice Configuration/SetupDevice DiagnosticsInternal Variables

In the past these devices were left unattended until they failed or drifted to the point the process was affected before a technician was sent to the field to check on them with a handheld field communicator. Other times the opposite was true, when work as done on the device in the field, somebody had to be in the control room to work from the software.

To unleash the full capability of intelligent devices, a permanent networking infrastructure such as 4-20 mA/HART, HART-IP, FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, FOUNDATION fieldbus HSE, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and WirelessHART has to be in place.

Intelligent device management consists of:
Configuration/Setup and Configuration Management
Calibration Trim and Calibration Management
Device Diagnostics and Device Diagnostic Alarm Management  
Internal Variables and Internal Variable Monitoring
System Administration (Device Revision Management)

These functions are now performed using handheld field communicator or intelligent device management software, whichever suits the task at hand best. EDDL technology makes these tasks easier thanks to user guidance such as intuitive graphics and wizards as well as expert know-how made available from the device manufacturer's experts, enabling all the devices in the plant to be managed using the same system thanks to standards-based multi-vendor interoperability. The result is lower cost of maintenance, and better performing devices.

How intelligent devices are setup, calibrated, and how diagnostics is incorporated in daily work practices is sometimes misunderstood and will therefore be explained in technical white papers and videos on these topics. The importance of EDDL in these functions is also explained.

Additionally, EDDL technology makes the system easier to administer, and there is no other way to achieve a comparable result.

Intelligent Device Management is not just for transmitters and control valves, but also discrete devices like on-off valves, electric actuators / Motor Operated Valves (MOV), and level switches etc.:
Intelligent Device Management for Discrete Devices  

Intelligent Device Management software part of the Asset Management System (AMS) can be used with modern Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) provided the right hardware and software is specified.:
Intelligent Device Management with DCS, PLC, and RTU  

A handheld field communicator, laptop with interface, or IDM software can be used for loop check. EDDL plays an important role in all three:
Intelligent Device Management Tutorial: Loop Check